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Dip.Hort. Dip.Turf Management.

Brett as Managing Director of BGE manages the overall operations of the company since its inception, 1994.  He is responsible for contract administration, programming, management tendering, client liaison and supervision.

Brett co-ordinates the work, ensuring each stage is completed on time, to budget, to quality standards, resolving any problems that may arise. He has extensive experience in Horticulture and Turfculture having qualifications in both disciplines. He has also had appointments dealing with both areas of expertise.

His position at North Shore City Council involved all areas of Sportsfield Management, Maintenance, Development, Administration, Contract Specification, Tender Evaluation, Contract Implementation and Monitoring. He was awarded the NZPRA Superfield Award in 1992 – A national award recognising outstanding achievement, administration and innovation within the Turf Industry.

The job also required significant involvement with the general public – both sporting and passive. A high degree of discretion is required along with an appreciation for public opinion and public relations.

In addition to the above he has spent most of his career managing staff, most of whom have qualified in their chosen field and are succeeding in their endeavours. He has superior organisational skills which is paramount in this type of operation. During his time with North Shore City Council he was involved in the introduction of radical change (Contract Maintenance). This has forced a massive change to the traditional work ethic within the local body structure.






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